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The Manifest Sons of Movement is a restoration movement that was started in 2006 in Lesotho by a man named Mufaro Maposa. God gave him the vision of the movement while he was doing his last year in bible school in 2005. God has been faithful through the years to increase and expand the movement in both size and grace and many signs and wonders and miraculous deeds.

The Vision of the movement is simple and straight forward and simply put, it is to bring the full manifestation of sonship in believers. This means that our vision is to make sure that every believer walks as a manifest son of God to the highest degree and walks in the fullness of their inheritance in Christ.

To read about the vision in full please click on our MOVEMENT page. The Manifest Sons of God movement has grown tremendously both in and out of Lesotho and it keeps growing in size and grace and its now reaching the nations with the transforming power of Christ, with clear revelation teachings and demonstration of the power of God. God has graced the movement with many gifts, signs and wonders and operations of the Holy Spirit and extra ordinary prophetic ministry that includes visions, trances, Gods audible voice, accurate words of knowledge etc.

 Other signs and wonders that take place are gold and silver dust appearing supernaturally, miracle money and supernatural debt cancellation, supernatural weight loss and weight gain, visions and trances, supernatural gold teeth fillings, Angels feathers appearing, diamonds and gem stones from heaven appearing in meetings, anointing oil manifesting in the physical realm, heavenly images appearing visibly like the fire of heaven, smoke, heavenly writings etc. Other signs and wonders are: cloud of the Holy Spirit, Action and reaction, the ambassador ministry, arresting in the Holy Spirit, being drunk in the Spirit, operating in Gods omnipresence and others. Some you can watch on videos and photos page.

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